Hi, I am Jessica Wygant.

I am a professional photographer from North East, Pennsylvania (the town, not direction). I am happily married to my husband Tyler and have two young boys, Grayson and Gannon. My family takes up most of my time but the rest of it you'll find me at the baseball fields, researching anything and everything wedding related, planning weddings for friends and clients, learning and soaking up as much as I can about photography, and photographing some of the most amazing people ever! The 2023 wedding season was my 7th year photographing weddings myself and each year is busier than the last! I only book 15 weddings a year to allow myself plenty of family time and time to help you plan your big day!

I'm enthusiastic, fun, but extremely organized! My enneagram is 6 which means I am loyal. I am a leader and always have been. I always have vision and I can see it clearly. You will come to know me as a troubleshooter, always there to bounce ideas back and fourth with you, while being responsible. This means I feel responsible for your whole session or wedding and everything that goes into it regarding your photos. One of my downfalls however is I naturally have some anxiety which I think most women my age suffer from, but we push through and persevere. I think these reasons are why I easily become friends with so many of my clients and families.

I absolutely love Chick-Fil-A lemonade and Starbucks Refreshers.. I hate coffee and can taste it in anything it's in, no matter the amount that's how I came to find the fruity refreshers. I still have not found a wine I can drink and don't like beer either! So just give me a refresher and some Chick-Fil-A lemonade and I'm a happy gal. I love green and any tones associated with them. Laid back and casual is my jam, I live for leggings and comfy sweatshirts while scrolling through Tiktok or watching behind the scenes wedding content.

Do I sound like someone you want to hang out with? Someone you want to work with? Someone to help with your planning? Shoot me a message! I'm always up for some adult conversation!